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Greg Blefgen, VLMK Consulting Engineers

Putting the Wheels in Motion

Below you will find some quick links to access some of what we do for you to help make your life easier.

All of our resources are in PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download the software at the Adobe website.

Solutions for Your Retirement Plan Needs

When you are ready to look at Premier RPS and what we can do for you and your retirement plan, please access the Request for Quote Form. If you also would like to have any studies provided to illus- trate your plan design options, please refer to the Design Studies in- formation below.

Request For Quote Form

If you would prefer to discuss How We Work or our Services prior to completing the request for a quote, you may Contact us directly. We are happy to provide a personal touch to the process of establishing a new retirement plan or changing providers on an existing one.

Design Studies

Often the easiest way to review the countless design options for a retirement plan is to actually look at the numbers.

At Premier RPS, upon request, we will run sample allocations to help illustrate the power and potential costs associated with various design options.

What we need to get started:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Hire
  • Date of Termination
  • Annual Hours Worked*
  • Annual Gross Pay*
  • Annual 401(k)/Roth Deferrals*

*These items can be estimated for the purpose of an illustration.

You may have questions about the data as you gather it. Feel free to ask us for an excel template to complete for gathering your census information.