Planning for Your Employees’ Tomorrow, Today.

Premier Retirement Services is a strategic partner for the administration of our ESOP and 401k Plans. Their knowledge transcends what would ordinarily be expected from a TPA - they are an invaluable resource for our business.

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How We Benefit You

At Premier RPS we perform all of the ERISA consulting services you would expect from a full service TPA providing 401(k), defined benefit, 403(b) and ESOP administration.

Where we differentiate ourselves from others is the personalized touch we add and our expertise.

Our Process

Unique, Reliable and Personalized are not just words we use to advertise Premier RPS, they are the backbone of our process, and The Components of Our Process are designed to help make your life easier by limiting the time you have to spend on your retirement plan.

New Plan Setup and Transition

At Premier RPS we realize that your business is unique when it comes to what you need from your retirement plan. We don’t try to fit your plan into a “cookie cutter” design. Instead, we have you tell us what you want from your retirement plan, and we will either design a new one or update your existing one to meet your goals. Not only is your retirement plan design personalized, but the Services we provide to support you during setup or transition are also customized to meet your goals. We have a dedicated implementation team that works on only new business to premier RPS. Simply put, the goal of our team is to streamline the process of getting your retirement plan up and running or making your current retirement plan run better.

Ongoing Plan Administration

Our personalized touch doesn’t end with initial setup of your retirement plan. We continually review your retirement plan’s design and operation as well as any pending regulatory changes that may have an impact on it. At a minimum, Premier RPS will try to meet annually to review it all with you, but you are encouraged to reach out to us any time you have questions.

To facilitate providing our support on the ongoing Services for your retirement plan, Premier RPS assigns a two person consulting team to each of our clients. This consulting team is your dedicated resource that not only supports your retirement plan’s administration, but also does the “peer review” of all the work that leaves our office and the annual meeting with you. We want you comfortable with the reliability of what we do for you.

Where Premier RPS is unique in our approach to your retirement plan’s administration is in the reporting we provide to you. Not only do we provide the typical plan administration report with all the numbers, testing and filings required, we also support you with two additional items personalized or your plan. Annually we prepare an Executive Summary Report of the administration to help guide you through the process of “closing out the year,” so that you know you have done everything required. Each year we also provide an updated personalized Employer Retirement Plan Guide that can best be described as a “Quick Reference Guide” to assist your own staff with your retirement plan’s administration.

Again, it is our goal to make things as easy for you as possible in the ongoing administration of your retirement plan by providing the reliable Services you want and need.

Benefit Support

Like we have with both new business and ongoing administration, Premier RPS provides you a dedicated benefit support team to handle distribution Services. From time to time, you will have participant benefit payments or loans that need to be processed. Our distribution team will work with you and the Premier RPS setup team to develop a personalized process, in conjunction with your other service providers, that best fits your own unique needs. Once in place, our benefit support team will work with your Premier RPS primary consultant in the processing of benefit payments. This allows you to use your primary consultant as a single point of contact, or you can work with the benefits team directly; whatever works best for you. Let us keep you happy by providing quality, personalized and reliable service to make your life easier when it comes to your retirement plan.

Let us keep you happy by providing quality, personalized and reliable service to make your life easier when it comes to your retirement plan.

The Components of Our Process

  • Design Review

    Beyond the initial design of your plan, Premier RPS continually reviews your retirement plan’s features to make sure you are meeting your goals and maintaining your qualified status

  • PlanSponsorLink

    Premier RPS will provide your own secure site where we house your retirement plan document, disclosure and administration information. You will control who has access to the site and will use it to provide your annual census information.

  • Service Team

    You will have a consulting team assigned to your retirement plan. Your team will provide the ongoing administrative support for your retirement plan including all of your required reporting and filings.

  • Benefit Support

    Premier RPS has a dedicated benefit team that works with your primary consultant to support your participant distribution and loan requests.

  • Peer Review

    Your Premier RPS service team will review everything we send out to you. This includes annual administration items as well as distribution and loan paperwork.

  • Plan Reviews

    Annually, Premier RPS will review your retirement plan’s form and operation with you. We will also discuss your provider services to make sure you are getting what you want and need.