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Benefit Payments

If you need to request a benefit payment from your retirement plan for one of your current or former participants, you can either use the Notice of Distribution Form or Contact Premier RPS directly for support.

Notice of Distribution Form

PlanSponsorLink (PSL)

PlanSponsorLink is a web-based system, or Portal, for you and Premier RPS to exchange information for the ongoing administration of your retirement plan. The site was originally a way for us to provide you the census information that we already had in our database and for you to update and return it in a secure manner.

Now PlanSponsorLink has evolved into a “hub” to facilitate plan administration for our clients since it is no longer only for data collection. We maintain your administration reporting on the site for easy access. It also holds your plan document, the multitude of notices that need to be passed out to participants, and the required disclosures between you and Premier RPS. All of the required activity for your retirement plan, with the exception of your government filings and the depositing of retirement plan contributions, will move through this site.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I normally access PlanSponsorLink?

Generally anytime action is required for your retirement plan, you will receive an email directly from Premier RPS with instructions and a direct link for you to login. If you need to access the site at any other time, you may use the PlanSponsorLink button above.

How do I reset my password?

Simply access your settings by expanding the top-right Welcome dropdown menu and select Change Password.

How do I Add, Change or Delete a user?

Simply complete, sign and return the PlanSponsorLink Form, or reach out to your Premier RPS Consultant for assistance.

How do I download files from the site?

You will be notified via email when a new file or document is posted. You can initially find it on your My Active Tasks dashboard and also under the Documents tab. Click Download, then Save. Once downloaded, the item will disappear from your dashboard but will remain under the Documents tab.

How do I upload files to share with Premier RPS?

After logging in, select the Secure File Exchange tab. Click on the New Exchange, select your file and recipient, add a message if you would like and choose your plan name from the dropdown menu, then click Send. Your recipient will be notified via email of the newly posted file.

Can I give access to the site to my other non-TPA advisors?

Yes. Simply complete, sign and return the PlanSponsorLink Form. Please be advised that this will grant access to everything on the site to that advisor. Restricting access to only certain items is currently not available.